The Corel Transactional Licensing programme (CTL) offers organisations a great way to save when buying software in volume. And the more you buy, the more you save!
The CTL is suitable for any sized business, department, government agency or institution that requires one or more Corel products. It's a flexible programme that can be tailored to your organisation's needs. As a "perpetual" form of licence it also gives your organisation the right to use the product version purchased for an unlimited period.
The advantage of this programme is that, as a licensee, you will be rewarded for buying each product in volume with discounted rates which can help your bottom line and may reduce your total cost of ownership. In addition, since many of our products are deployable over a corporate network, it's incredibly easy for your IT department to manage and keep track of your Corel software assets.
Features of Corel's Transactional Licence programme:
Licences can be purchased for single use or for multiple use by product for most of our products Volume discounts ensure that the more you order, the more you save No complex points system – our discounted volume banded prices are transparent and we will not push you to buy products you do not need No on-going purchase commitment – order now and get a volume-based discount with no requirement to reorder in the future Provides you the right to use Corel software for an unlimited period All current Corel Licensing products are available to buy through the CTL programme If you would like to know how Corel can help you with a volume licence, or for more information on the Corel Transactional Licence (CTL), please contact your preferred Corel Authorised Reseller or email a member of the Corel team today: